Friday, August 19, 2011


Although Friday is our usual date night (Steak 'n Shake with coupons in tow... we're classy like that), Brandon and I went out on Tuesday to celebrate our anniversary. Five years people!

This is a picture from my first time in Carbondale in October 2006:
Yep, this is the pic I used for my blog header
To celebrate, I chose Cummare's in Murphysboro. It's my favorite restaurant in Murphy (sorry 17th Street). Mom, you would love this place! Homemade Italian food in a classy atmosphere. It's definitely a place to go when you want a 3 course meal. Although, there isn't a Delmonico steak on the menu - sorry Darius.

First of all, check out the cute storefront. If you look closely you will see a "1896" on the top cornerstone. We started with the Toasted Ravioli appetizer. I informed Brandon that toasted ravioli is a regional dish native to St. Louis. He was surprised, having grown up with it all his life.
Next up was salad and garlic bread. Their house dressing - balsamic vinaigrette is delish!

And finally the entrees arrived. Brandon had the Shrimp Alfredo:

And I went with the Tortellini:
Tons of food = lots of leftovers. Unfortunately, we were too full for desert but I'd like to try their tiramisu. And I'm sure we'll be back to try the pizza. Both times I've been here the owner was there working in the kitchen. This time we saw him taking a drink with a customer. Now that's a sweet gig!

PS: Cummare means best friend in Italian

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