Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break Adventure: State Capitols

When planning our drive from Boston to DC, we realized that we would be passing through numerous state capitols. Brandon and I decided that our new "thing" would be to take pictures in front of every state capitol building. Anybody want to build a custom photo frame for us in the shape of the US?? Here is a look of some of the stops along the way:
Providence, RI
Fun fact, two seconds later, a meter maid was writing Brandon a ticket. He dashed back across the street and said, "No we weren't parking, we were taking a picture," and she let us go! Another pit stop we made was for breakfast, at Diners, Drive-ins and Dives featured, Louis Family Restaurant.
Jeila bravely ordered the Poached Passion, without even asking what it was! Turned out to be a winner - English muffin topped with tomato, spinach, poached egg and topped with cheese. I had a basic two egg breakfast. The prices were dirt cheap and we got to eat alongside Brown's tree-hugging co-eds.
Then we were off to see more capitols:
Hartford, CT

Trenton, NJ
And finally we arrived in Philadelphia where we met up with Raha and Lindsey for dinner at Iron Chef, Jose Garces' restaurant, Village Whiskey. Yum!

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