Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Molten Lava Cake

Sugar rush! This was so so good!
Somewhere along the line, I had the inspiration to make homemade lava cake. The idea probably came from knowing that it was the best possible creation to make with my ramekins. I used the Paula Deen recipe posted on Savory Sweet Life and cut it in thirds for 2 servings.

The recipe was very simple. My chocolate and butter melted in just one minute. I baked the cakes for 11 minutes. The centers were warm and gooey. The cakes slid right out of the ramekins when turned upside down. What a relief, as I was most worried about that part.

I topped the cakes with powdered sugar. Although, ice cream or fresh fruit would have made it even tastier.

Go make it now.

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