Thursday, February 3, 2011

Murdale Water District

Our water was finally turned on Monday morning. The water co. made a mistake by not turning in on last Saturday but apologized. Our landlord was actually in the office when I came in. Nice to know he cares.

Things have been nice at the new place. We are still unpacking -- slowly but surely. We had cable installed on Tuesday with Direct TV. We are definitely enjoying all our shows again and loving the HD picture. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on internet. Verizon is mailing us a modem and router that we will install ourselves when it gets here.

I'm feeling more and more like a resident now. I got my Sallie Logan Library card and a bank account set up with the Bank of Carbondale. I've also been to two Murphysboro Kiwanis meetings and am fitting right in. There is a K family event tonight that Brandon and I are going to check out at Thai Taste. I hope they have good pad thai!

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