Monday, November 21, 2011

Covered Bridge & Liberty Bell

On Saturday morning, our trip started out with a quick stop at McDonald's and a drive through the cutest towns of Southern Illinois. I requested a special tour of Ava because a coworker lives there and I was curious. Brandon refused to tell me where we were going. I was totally surprised when I saw a sign for a covered bridge ahead. As I started to tell him to pull over - typical Mitra roadtrip behavior - he was pulling up to this:
The Mary's River Covered Bridge was built in 1854 as part of the toll road between Chester and Bremen. There were some serious plaques to inform us:
Self-timer shot
This trip was off to a great start.

Our next stop took us across the river into Missouri and then back into Illinois... all so that I could further my Illinois state education and say that I've been to the first capital of Illinois. Whereas in Virginia, a class trip to Williamsburg is mandatory, Kaskaskia - not so much!

The Mississippi River changed it's course in 1844 and cut the town off from the rest of the state. It is an island. The place is seriously creepy because it's so isolated. It is the second smallest incorporated town in Illinois (population:14).

Neither Brandon nor his dad had been there until this year.  I will be the first to admit that I'm a bit of an East Coast snob ...but I just think a state should have a little more pride in it's first capital.
The weather was windy and chilly. When we pulled up to the main attraction I was seriously bummed that the gates were locked. Didn't they know we were coming?
 Luckily for us, this attaction is self-serve. Just press the green button. And viola!
The door opened and you could peer inside the gate. Inside lies the Liberty Bell of the West - actually older than the bell in Philly.  Both Brandon and I were glad to check this one off our list. Definetly only a place you need to visit once.

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