Monday, September 5, 2011

DuQuoin State Fair Part 1

The DuQuoin State Fair has been going on from August 26 to today. Interestingly, the fairgrounds were built in 1923 by a man who privately owned the "state" fair for 63 years. Illinois holds it's original state fair in Springfield and now also runs this one down south in DuQuoin, IL which is just about a 30 min drive for us. Brandon and I checked it out for a couple of hours last weekend. Mostly we just wanted some good eats!
I have never been to a state fair before. Sorry - city people just don't quite get it. It was neat to see permanent fairgrounds. Check out the Grandstand above.
The first thing we had was the pork kabob. Something is just not right about that!! (ie Muslims are cringing right now) I'm used to seeing chicken on stick at a lot of fairs out east, but pork kabobs were definitely a lot more popular here. These had a nice char and a sweet glaze over them. Next up was this cute stand across the way:
They said, "Would you like butter?" and we said "yes" and then they dunked the entire cob into a vat of melted butter - wow! It was a Paula Deen moment.

Red Velvet Funnel Cake was dessert. OOH yeah! It was topped with cream cheese icing. Mmm.

We returned to the fair yesterday ... to be continued...

PS: I just finished reading The Hunger Games. So good, can't wait for the movie!!  Anybody want to borrow it?

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