Sunday, September 4, 2011

Grand Rivers, KY

Yesterday, Brandon and I traveled to Grand Rivers, KY. His parents and their friends Kathy and Everett have gone down there every Saturday of Labor Day for the past 5 years. They like to go to the Arts & Crafts Festival. It was about a 90 minute drive to get there. Admission was $1. There were a ton of vendors so we took our time walking around the park.

I didn't find anything I absolutely loved but the GIANT wind chime caught my eye (Mom you would've loved it) and I took a picture of the "Gigi" t-shirt for Jeila:
While it was fun to see all the crafts, the real reason we were there was to have lunch at Patti's. I have to admit, this place is worth the drive. The restaurant is more like a theme park with shops, mini-golf and the 1880s theme throughout. Make a reservation before you go! While we waited for our table we heard that the earliest reservation for the day would be at 9pm. Yeesh, luckily we were seated early, a little before our 1:15 reservation. The room we were in was small and dark with lots of family pictures on the wall. Our waitress was nice but the poor thing had to wear a long and unflattering "period" dress. We ordered our dessert first. This is why:

Patti's famous mile-high pies! I went with lemon meringue. Our waitress told us we were the first people to order dessert first in the 2 years she's been there! I made it half-way through my piece when our bread came out baked in a flower pot:
It was served with regular butter and strawberry butter (mmm). For our entree, Brandon and I split the 2 inch pork chop. Awesome decision:

They actually split the meal up for us! Even so, can you see how ridiculously large the pork chop is!!! It was amazingly tender and juicy. The portions are huge, sharing was a great idea, and everyone had lots to take home.

How is your Labor Day going?

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