Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Yesterday Brandon and I got up for an early start to our morning. He was a referee for the first Murphysboro Soccer games of the season. He was reffing the 3rd and 4th graders - too cute. This is the first year Murphysboro has had it's own soccer league and they had record breaking registration numbers of 225 kids. I watched for a couple minutes but then I headed downtown for an event with Kiwanis.
The Murphysboro Kiwanis Club arranged for a Saturday Morning Cartoons event at the historic Liberty Theater.
What a beautiful place. It definitely reminds me of the Kimball Theatre in Williamsburg, VA. We had a slow start but people trickled in. We ended up with about 35 children and parents. We gave out free popcorn and orange drink donated by McDonalds.
At the end of the event we handed out pencils as a parting gift. I loved the event and hope that we decide to do it again sometime.  

This afternoon I'm working on an article summary for microbiology on bacterial infection. Research was done indicating that donor stool transplants (administered through nasogastric tube) helped, yeesh.

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