Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Loot

I wanted to share the rest of my birthday loot with you:

The night before my birthday, Kristen sent me a big box filled with pasta goodness (noodles, garlic olive oil, pasta strainer and cookbook).
I have already used the strainer and it is so convenient! It rests on the lid of the pot so you don't have to get the big strainer dirty. Brandon got me cupcakes from Larry's:
The Hostess-style cupcake was my favorite!
He woke me up at the crack of dawn saying "it's time to get up, hurry" and "put on your glasses." He led me to the kitchen where he had a dozen cupcakes with 25 candles lit. It was bright! But, I loved it.Then we went out to breakfast (as opposed to dinner because Brandon had to work that night). We went to Harbaugh's Cafe a really sweet breakfast and lunch place in Carbondale (cash only). Then at work, I got:
A few days later Darius sent me these:
An entire box of popcorn snacks! I will give you my complete review next post :)

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