Monday, October 31, 2011

Brandon's Birthday

Since Brandon has been out in Virginia the past few years, it's been a while since he had a proper birthday party. On October 29 we decided to throw a birthday/Halloween party. We invited some friends over to celebrate - costumes encouraged! Knute and Nancy brought cake. Can't have a store-bought cake without a good cake fail:
Hey, they spelled my name right for once
Brandon re-wore a Popeye costume from last year. When he took me to the store to look at the Olive Oyl costume, I realized that I already had the outfit. I just added a felt collar and a yellow ribbon. The felt was adhesive and I attached the ribbon with double sided tape. Easy peasy.

We asked everyone to bring beer. I provided Chinese-style Turkey Meatballs and Pizza Bites. Both, we're recipes that I made for the first time and both were easy to prepare ahead of time. What luck! Forgot to take pictures of these, but seriously, they were a hit! The costume of the night was definitely Two Peas in a Pod:

Brandon and Mitra in a Pod
The rest of our guests:

Happy Halloween!

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