Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Vacation part 1

The best part about flying from St. Louis to DC is getting to see the Arch and the Washington Monument all in the same day. My flight landed in Reagan Naitonal Airport (Is that a new statue of Reagan outside? Yes!) so we got a great view upon landing and taking the GW parkway home.
I arrived Christmas eve. Per our new tradition, we had Chinese take-out for dinner. Jeila had a solo at the Christmas Eve 10:30pm service at St. Dunstan's so I went to that. We opened presents Christmas morning at Mom's. Then we headed over to Baba's house. Coda was waiting! He has a new trick:
Pirate Shoulder Cat!
I finally got to indulge in an Iranian feast!
 Naturally, tadig was the best part.
To be continued...

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