Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Vacation part 2

The day after Christmas, Mom and I decided to head on down I-95 to Richmond. She was dying to visit the Museum of the Confederacy after reading an interesting book about Jefferson Davis. When we pulled into the city, I realized that I had seen the museum before... when I was a visitor at the VCU Medical Center.
Turns out the The White House of the Confederacy (not literally) is surrounded by a hospital campus. Nevertheless, we walked around the 3 floors of the museum and then took a tour of the house. One of the most memorable pieces in the museum was a painting of Davis by an intriguing artist named Julio. Mom's favorite piece in the house was Davis' desk where Lincoln may have sat. Our tour guide danced around the subject and would not confirm that fact. Mom had the final revenge by reaching over and touching it. Our tour guide was a total nerd history major!
On Tuesday, we had another adventure at Oatlands Historic House & Gardens. I treated Mom and Jeila to tea time as part of their Christmas present. The tea was held in the carriage house. It was a pretty building with a lot of tables - kinda like a church lady convention. But that was just the atmosphere we wanted, lol!
Giftshop lady photobomb!
Now, I know why she took that photo over again... We were served their signature calendula tea which was black tea with marigolds. Our hostess kept visiting our table and filling our teacups. We also munched on a tower of treats:   

Then it was time to tour the mansion! Sorry, no photos allowed. Definitely a place worth visiting. Unfortunately, we couldn't walk around the gardens too much because it was raining. (We did try!)

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