Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Southern Illinois Bride

The River Radio Ever After Bridal Show was this past Sunday. Yes, I attended a bridal expo just one week after getting engaged. Brandon asked if I wanted to go, so I said yes. I mean, what better time to go than now, with no pressure - an really no ideas of what I wanted. I invited Nancy, and Knute tagged along to keep Brandon company.

The event was held at The Pavillion in Marion. We got there right at noon when the doors opened. There were already about 30-40 people infront of us in line! Upon check-in, I registered as a "bride" and got a bright green "bride" sticker to wear - fun! I also got a Bingo card with all the vendors names on it. At each booth I had to get a signature then enter my card in a raffle for $1,000. I guess I didn't win. The card actually made it easier to get a signature and run away from talkative vendors. Most of the vendors were putting on a hard sell. "Do you have a date?" was the most popular question I was asked. My favorite booth was the jeweler who cleaned my ring:
We also loved the party bus. They had one of their limos that we could look at and it was seriously decked out (stripper pole included)! I also confirmed my desire for a photobooth at the wedding. Larry's had the best cakes:
I don't think I want people eating my face, but cute idea:
 By far, the most unique cake display was this one:
Woodland chic... not my style at all! But I love the birds and the dark blue icing. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to stay for the wedding dress runway show. But, I got a lot of catalogs with dresses to start looking over. Ooh and a lot of goodies, cupcakes, pens, magnets, chapstick, coupons, etc. Obviously, there were only local Southern Illinois vendors. Probably, not getting married out here but it was still fun to look. I think we all had a great time!

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