Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chilly Saturday

Yesterday morning I woke up to the most snow I've seen so far this winter. This was the view at about 9 am:
It didn't last long, the snow melted away in the sun. I went to Cindy's 10 am Zumba class at Gold's. I love it. She really pushes you to get a good workout in (i.e. lots and lots of squats). It is a really popular class with around 20 people. When I got home, Brandon and I were starving so we headed to Denny's. I was enticed to buy an appetizer of Pancake Puppies. They came to our table a bit overdone but at least they were piping hot. They tasted just like funnel cake with a mild cinnamon sugar taste to them. Our service wasn't the greatest so it was nice to have something to munch on while we waited.
After we ate, we went to SI Bowl for Bowling for Kid's Sake. Our Kiwanis club had two teams in attendance. This was our team: 
This year Brandon got to wear the Kiwanis bowling shirt.
Me bowling
I was absolutely terrible at bowling. I didn't even make it to 80 points :( My 10lb ball was way too heavy... yeah, let's blame it on that. The cool thing was that each bowler got a prize. Brandon and I picked out the Family Video rental and the Bookworm gift certificate.

On the way home we hit up Bookworm in Carbondale. It is a used bookstore. It has a lot of current titles and books local to Southern Illinois.

Oh yeah, and a cat:
His name is Casper. He was so friendly I started petting him like crazy and all his long hair flew in my face. Hehe. Our evening ended with an early Valentine's celebration ... details coming soon!

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