Monday, January 31, 2011

Dr. Donuts

After church yesterday I decided to try Doctor Donuts. The store was new and modern with quite a bit of seating. When I walked in around 11:30am there was just one family inside. I was unimpressed with the selection of donuts, there were probably 7 choices of donuts in the case and only a few of each in stock. I ended up ordering an iced coffee a raspberry-filled donut for Brandon and a chocolate-frosted french cruller for me. We agreed the donuts were tasty but my coffee wasn't great. I just looked at their website and it is really awful! Their slogan is "No fat donuts to low fat donuts." Apparently, the "Doctor" is Dr. Srinivas Gaddam who has his hand in all sorts of different business plans. He owns the adjacent hotel which frequently  hosts doctors for medical conferences. If his angle is nutrition then I couldn't tell from my visit.

Brandon and I spent the afternoon unpacking and rebuilding our furniture. The apartment is almost ready to move into!
Big kitchen. Very happy! I guess I can introduce you to the place:
This is the back, obviously. But since we park back here we will be entering through the sliding doors most of the time. And this is the front:
A big thank you to Jamie and Jared who helped us move. Across the street from us is Murdale Gardens which is a cemetery. We can see Jamie's grandma from our living room :)

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  1. Dr. Donuts sounds amazing. Bring some next time you come home.