Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hire me!

Happy New Year. It’s 1/1/11, love it!

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m terrified to be job hunting in this economy. I have exactly 2 weeks before I am unemployed. Let’s look at what I’m up against. 

The national unemployment rate is about 10%. The average unemployment in the City of Carbondale in 2009 (source) was 5.6%. Not bad. So I should be able to get a job but what are my options? In Jackson County, IL the 5 Largest Employers as of 2003 (that seems old! but it’s all I could find) are:

1. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
2. Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Regional Medical Facility
3. Center for Comprehensive Services (Rehabilitation)
4. Penn Aluminum International
5. City of Carbondale

The health care industry is prominent in Southern Illinois which is definitely in my favor. I would love to work for another eye doctor. I am very hopeful. I had a phone interview yesterday. Crossing my fingers!

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