Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bucket List: It's a Bird, It's a plane ...

It's the Superman Celebration! Yesterday, we headed south to visit Metropolis, IL. In 1972, DC comics officially designated the city "Hometown of Superman." The city erected a large statue of Superman just next to the courthouse and has been boasting about it ever since. When we arrived we found a great parking spot in the town square. It had just started to rain so we waited it out in the car for a while. When the sun came out, it was a bit cooler and we decided to walk around. The street fair went down the street just a few blocks. There were many flea market tables (including lots of comic books and toys) as well as crafters and food vendors.
I have to say, it was a bit underwhelming. I wanted to see a lot more people in costume! The fattest Batman I have ever seen was there. Haha, he cracked me up. Poor kids! I hope they look back on their photos with him and laugh. We also checked out the Superman Store and Museum which had this cutout in front, perfect for a photo-op:
The we went over to the giant statue for a pic:
 A bunch of the people in costume went over to the courthouse steps for a photo-op. Superman is looking good:
Not sure who the other guy is? While I couldn't fully geek out over comics, I'm glad to have gone to the festival and checked it off my bucket list.

Another interesting fact about Metropolis is that it is the hometown of Curt Jones, the creator of Dippin' Dots. Our road trip didn't end here, more to come ...

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