Monday, June 27, 2011

Corry Museum

We had a fun time in Erie last weekend. Brandon and I stayed at my Aunt Jeannette's house in Waterford. On Saturday, Brandon and I went to the Erie Sea Wolves baseball game. They lost bad. But the weather was great and it was fun to be out at the stadium.

The next day was the reunion at Mead Park in Corry. (The town was also celebrating it's 150th anniversary that weekend.) As I learned last year, the park was donated by the first International President of Rotary. Our location was in the front of the park, across from the Corry Area Historical Museum. Which is only open from 2-4 on Saturdays and Sundays. Luckily, when 2 o'clock hit we were ready to check it out:  
Chock full of good stuff!
They are really proud of this train. It's a Climax engine - a coal-fired locomotive which was built in Corry up until 1930. Brandon wondered how they were able to get it in the building. Good point. Turns out the building was built for it. Look what I spy:

I gasped when Brandon pointed it out. A passerby thought I was thrilled by looking at the engine. Hehe. No, I just have a Kiwanis problem. Clearly the highlight of the trip

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