Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fort Massac and The Chocolate Factory

Last Saturday after the Superman Celebration, we went to Fort Massac State Park. Upon arrival we learned that this was Illinois' first state park, preserved since 1908. Currently, there is a historic replica of the 1802 American Fort that includes 2 barracks, 3 block houses and officers quarters. Several of the doors were open and we got to take a peak inside.

The Fort has a neat history that I'll share with you in short form:
  • The French originally built the site during the French and Indian War
  • After the war, the French abandoned it and then Indians burnt it to the ground 
  • The British were the next to take it over but it didn't last long
  • The Americans took it over during the Revolutionary War when Colonel George Rogers Clark led his men into Illinois and claimed the entire state for Virginia (woot!)
  • George Washington ordered that the Fort be rebuilt in 1794 so it could protect the Ohio Valley 
  • In 1839 the city of Metropolis was built about a mile west of the fort
  • In 1903 the DAR worked to get the site and surrounding land purchased by the state
  • In 1908 it was officially dedicated as Illinois' first state park

Next to the replica of the fort is the archaeological outline of the 1757 French Fort with the most amazing view of the Ohio River.

View of the Bridge into Paducah, KY
There is also a plaque to honor George Rogers Clark:
From there we drove to Galconda, IL to visit The Chocolate Factory.

What a cute little shop. Unfortunately, it's more of a store than a factory but very cute nonetheless. I mean look at these solid white chocolate "deviled eggs!"

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