Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blood & Country Music

I had to work on Saturday. Actually, I was sent to class. A bunch of the techs from Marion Eye Center were sent to John A Logan to take Introduction to Phlebotomy. The course went from 9-4:30. While it was a long day, it was very informative and will prove useful in my career in healthcare.
We learned how to tie the tourniquet, palpitate for the veins, insert and remove the needle. Not as hard as you would think, but definitely not for everyone. We practiced on some dummy arms filled with water and then on our fellow classmates. I was able to draw blood on my second try. Our teacher, Van Hendrickson, was very informative and calm when we poked him in the arm :)

On our lunch break, many of us went to Arturo's Mexican Grill in Carterville. We had the lunch buffet which was a good deal for just $7.00.

When I got home, I found out that the plans for the evening were to go to the Williamson County Fair for the LoCash Cowboys concert. This was the first night of the fair. Can you believe it has been occurring annually for 155 years?! We went with Brandon's parents and his niece Kayla. We were able to get into the concert for free because Nancy is the childhood friend of Juli Ingram aka "Honey" from Z100's morning show Nut 'n Honey. Her son Ryan was going to be playing drums in the opening act Jared Thomas and the Vagabonds. Listen to their music on facebook.  They gave a good performance and the crowd seemed to be into them.
LoCash Cowboys followed them with lots of energy and excitement. They shot off red, white and blue confetti! But their loud base started shaking Nancy and we decided it was time to go, lol!

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