Tuesday, July 26, 2011

STL Weekend

Last weekend Brandon and I had another St. Louis adventure. On Saturday we drove up to Jefferson Barracks Park for a vintage base ball game. The park was nice but it was in the 90s and there were only a few trees surrounding the field. I spent the majority of the game chatting to another player's wife. Telling your life story makes the time pass very quickly! The Clarkes won one and lost one.

The games were over at 4 and we headed into the city. Hunger pangs hit us in the car and a billboard caught our eyes. That is how we ended up at Gus' Pretzels. Being the foodies that we are, we just had to experience "a St. Louis tradition."

The pretzels were 55 cents each! They had a classic soft pretzel taste, obvious more fresh than those sold at a ball park but were sadly missing the Auntie Anne's  grease.
We spent the night at the Casino Queen (in another comped room!). Gotta love the view at this hotel:
That night we went to the last Fair St. Louis concert of the summer - Barenaked Ladies. So good! The concert (not rained out like last time) was in a park next to the Soldier's Memorial Military Museum. The band sounded really good live and the lead singer was so goofy. We loved when they played the Big Bang Theory theme song.

Our Sunday was spent at Six Flags. Mary Jo's dad's company - Illinois Electric - had a day at the park. Our tickets were discounted to $20 and including a buffet lunch. I'm afraid of roller coasters but Brandon always makes me go. I still don't have fun on them yet!

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