Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hopping Aboard the Coupon Train

Today was a slow day at work, we had more techs than were needed. So I had a chance to practice my venipuncture skills some more. This time we did infusions (pushed saline into each other's veins). I'm getting better. Thanks to my brave coworkers! After that, my supervisior decided to send someone home and I was the lucky one :)

Brandon also had the day off so we spent the day watching world cup soccer. USA USA USA! I also made a wicked shopping list using all the coupons I've started collecting. When I went to Kroger I used 7 coupons at the register and saved $6.75. Haha. Yay! I'm almost an extreme couponer, lol.

For dinner I made BBQ shrimp, sweet corn and the disaster that was microwave mashed potatoes.
That's what I get for taking a short-cut I guess? Oh well.

It's been really hot here lately. But last night we had some torrential rain:
Gotta remember to take those summer storms seriously! (I was stranded for a good 20 minutes).

We're having a pot luck lunch at work on Friday. What should I bring?

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