Thursday, December 22, 2011


Busy busy! So ready for the holidays!! Here's what's been going on:

  • Tuesday night we did our gift exchange with Brandon's parents. I got Knute and Nancy a gift certificate to Cummare's - neither of them have eaten there yet. They got me a Paula Deen set of pots - awesome.
  • Before that, Brandon got rear-ended while showing me where on campus where I go to take tests. We're ok. His back bumper needs to be repaired.
  • Today I headed to the SIU campus to take my first test for my online class. I had to go to the Distance Education office. I was nervous! They made me turn off my cell phone and place my purse in a cabinet. Then I went into the testing room and logged into blackboard. I whipped out my post-it with my Dawg Tag. I put in the wrong password on the first try... I clicked on the link for exam 1 and then the proctor entered the password. Then I took my test. It wasn't bad at all, I got a 94!
  • We had a ridiculous spread of Christmas treats at work today.
  • I gotta pack, I'm going home Saturday!

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