Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brandon's Back

Brandon is back from his week-long Spring Break trip to Florida. While it was a little lonley being out here all by myself I also had a chance to relax and engage in some Secret Single Behavior. As Carrie from Sex in the City described as the things that we do alone that we would never do in front of any guy:

1. Using the entire floor as one big shelf - as in nothing ever gets put back where it belongs
2. Eating poorly - lots of fast food and  ice cream eaten out of the container
3. Watching trashy television - anything on TLC and Lifetime
4. Staying up way past my bedtime - I blame the computer

Brandon made it back yesterday afternoon and by that night we were off to a Key Club District Banquet. We went over to Murphysboro High School where the MHS Key Club was hosting members of the Kiwanis Family including the I-I Kiwanis, CKI and Key Club Governors.
Dinner was chicken alfredo, ham, mashed potatoes and corn. Salad, bread rolls and an impressive dessert table were also included. And we can't forget the lemonade - which Brandon claims to have added to the menu during his year as Key Club President.
Because the CKI governor wasn't in attendance, Brandon was called up to give a report on CKI. He did a great job!
 This evening we're going to St. Louis to enjoy the city and then pick up Jarrod from the airport.

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