Sunday, March 27, 2011

Caramel Pork

Thanks to an awesome birthday present from Kristen - a subscription to Cooking Light - I made Caramel Pork for dinner tonight. The recipe was touted in the magazine for being a quick weeknight meal. Even though I made it on Sunday, the recipe didn't lie. It took exactly 40 minutes to make.

I did make a few substitutions - for the caramel sauce, I used light brown sugar, powdered ginger instead of fresh and omitted the red pepper and anchovies.
For the rice, I used jasmine rice, broccoli instead of peas and balsamic instead of rice vinegar.
It came together easily and the end result was a light and tasty meal. I will admit my rice was mushy - fail! I didn't quite have the 3/4 cup of rice needed so I used too much water. Luckily, Brandon didn't seem to mind but my mid-eastern palate was bummed :( The pork was tender was the sauce was sweet. Time for dessert!

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