Friday, March 4, 2011

I've become my father ...

... when I go to the gym, I spend more time in the shower than working out. Haha!

I have been a member of Gold's Gym in Carbondale for about 3 weeks now. The gym first caught my eye because we live just down the road from it. It is also in the shopping center next to work. Convenience is key! And since my commute has been cut from 40 minutes each way (on a good day in DC) to 5 minutes here in Carbondale, I figure I should use the extra time wisely. As an added bonus, Brandon and I motivate each other to exercise (he goes to the student rec center).

I also considered joining the Rec, which has a pool and tons of classes, but it is on the other side of town. I think what made my decision was my familiarity with Gold's. I was a member of Gold's on Leesburg Pike back in VA. Also, when I went to sign-up the Sales Manager told me he lived in Maryland and Richmond and just recently moved back to Southern Illinois.

Gold's Carbondale has high ceilings and an open layout (it was once a Kroger grocery store). There are ample aerobic machines and of course plenty of weights. The women's locker room is modern and spacious. However, there is still an unfinished space where the sauna will go. I really enjoy the showers which is why I end up spending a lot of time there. The shower in our aparatment has a super low shower head (even I have to duck)  and the hot water only lasts about 5 mins. And if you know me, you know I like my showers scalding hot!

There is one other Gold's in Southern Illinois and it is in Marion. I checked it out just once but it was older and smaller. The purple and green color scheme is not good! Word is out that they are looking for a new location so they can renovate. Occasionally I may work in Marion so I may try it again. 

I'm really happy with the group fitness classes. So far I've taken BodyFlow and Zumba. I also made a friend through the Southern IL Ladies group who goes there. Do you have any workout tips? Got to keep working on my beach bod :)

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