Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fat Patties

Last night Brandon and I ate at Fat Patties on the strip in Carbondale. Is anyone watching America's Next Great Restaurant? Fat Patty reminds me a heck of a lot of the "Saucy Balls" grandma, lol.

It was our first time there. The menu was on a chalkboard and you order at the counter. They have a fairly simple menu, but a few specialty burgers, sides and desserts. It was similar to a Five Guys experience minus all the peanuts.

I asked what their best seller was and they said the basic burger. So Brandon and I ordered cheeseburgers accordingly. His was American cheese with a fried egg and mine was Swiss. Our meal of 2 burgers and one order of fries was just $9.95.
Gotta love grill marks
Nom nom
Brandon said the fries (not pictured) were the best he's ever had - because he would even eat them without ketchup. I loved that they were sliced thin and whatever oil they used to cook them was good. The only negative was that the burgers are grilled in the front and there seems to be a lack of ventilation. I left feeling a little greasy. Also, Brandon picked up on the fact that the owner Lance Jack was running for city council. Lots of his signs were hanging in the windows.

All-in-all a satisfying experience. We will definitely go back!

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