Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Minute Fudge

I subscribe to 2 cooking magazines, does that make me a foodie? This time I decided to try a recipe from Food Network Magazine. The recipe for Microwave Fudge was part of a piece about Food Network Magazine's new book Great Easy Meals. They decided to share a few of their recipes for quick desserts. Well this was a success:

Gotta love it when it comes out looking just like the picture! I was very happy with the results. We didn't have a bowl large enough that was also microwave safe to make it in the microwave - so I melted the chocolate on the stove on low. However, I did use parchment paper and I'm glad I did. Nothing - not even scotch tape- sticks! Someone tell me why??
It's sooo sweet. Must eat slowly! Next time I want to try it with peanut butter.

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