Sunday, April 3, 2011

Strike Out ALS! 2011

I'm really sad I wasn't in Williamsburg yesterday .... I had to miss the 6th annual Strike Out ALS baseball game at William and Mary for the first time :(

The event is a fundraiser for the ALS Association. It was inspired by WMCKI member Mary Ogburn who wanted the club to have an annual fundraiser and also wanted to honor her grandfather who passed away from ALS aka Lou Gehrig's disease. The fundraiser takes place at Plumeri Park during a Tribe Baseball game. Local donors sponsor students to come out to the baseball game by making a donation to the ALS Association per student in attendance. This helps both the ALS Association by raising funds for their work, and Tribe Athletics by bringing out hundreds of students to their game.

Every year the baseball team has won! This time was no different, the Tribe won against Hofstra 12-1.
Let's take a walk down memory lane ...

Last year 2010 -
2009 -
My senior year, 2008 -
Junior year -
and the inaugural year 2006 -
I hope to be back in Williamsburg this August for a wedding. I am in dire need of some Sno-to-Go!

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