Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bottoms Up

Last Wednesday we headed to Bottoms Up for beer and chicken night. This bar is out in the middle of nowhere (Jacob, IL)! The drive to get there through Gorham was still heavily flooded. It felt like we driving over a lake instead of cornfields. When we made it there about 6:45pm  it was completely crowded with college kids.
All the tables inside were taken and so were all the outdoor picnic tables. We placed our order at the bar and waited in a long line to pay. Our waitress warned us that we were one of the last orders placed of the night - no more orders could be placed because the kitchen ran out of food. We ended up getting our food at around 9:30 - such a long wait because chickens could only be fried 12 at a time for 8 minutes. Yikes, good thing we weren't in a hurry. But look at the food:
I had the 1/4 chicken with waffle fries, which also came with a piece of toast. The chicken skin was the best (I know it's not for everyone). Mmmm. The Wednesday special is $5 for a whole fried chicken - so cheap! We will probably go back later this summer when it is sure to be less busy.

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