Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bucket List: Logan Museum

The John A. Logan Museum can know be checked off the bucket list! I have been wanting to go since I moved here. It's located in downtown Murphy. It's also only open for a few short hours. When Kristen was in town, and we were in need of one last thing to do on Sunday, we decided to stop by. We arrived right when it opened at 1pm. Unfortunately, the man with the keys had yet to arrive! About 10 minutes later the museum director arrived. He was actually Brandon's math and history teacher.

John A. Logan, a Murphysboro native, is known for being a General in the Civil War. (Back in those days he was a "volunteer" in the military which is why the community college mascot is the volunteer.) After the war, he campaigned for VP but didn't win. However, he is most well known for founding Memorial Day.

There are Logan statues in Chicago, DC (Logan circle!), and other places... check out the map:

The museum was well done. Of course it was small, but the displays were modern and informative. There was one employee behind the front desk. When you visit they ask you to sign the guest book. They also have a few souvenir items for sale.
Admission is free and of course they take donations. They are currently open Tues-Sun 1-4pm. Starting June 1, summer hours will be Tues-Sat 10am-4pm and Sundays 1-4pm.

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