Monday, May 16, 2011

Jarling's Custard Cup

This past weekend has been a whirlwind. Friday night we drove up to Chicago. On the way there we saw a very large cross in Effingham, IL: 
We also made a pit stop in Champaign to visit a friend at Jarling's Custard Cup.
The menu was huge, it spanned the length of the store. They offer everything from milkshakes and sundaes to old fashioned sodas and "snowstorms" (like Blizzards). I had 1 scoop of chocolate custard in a waffle cone:
Brandon had a pomegranate raspberry slushie (I think they called it something else, but I forget). Our waitress was new and I think she put in too many pumps of syrup, but it was a good flavor. We ate outside in front of the store. They had a bunch of tables out. Unfortunately, middle schoolers took over the place - some were even dancing on top of the picnic tables. They also have a drive-thru which was packed. We waited in line for about 10 minutes and we walked out with 2 waffle cones and the slushie for about $7. It was a fun pit-stop.

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