Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Murphy Boy Weekend

This past Memorial Day weekend was a blast. Two boys were home visiting from the military and one was enlisting.
Jamie, Joey, Tamra and Brayden
The main event was a picnic on Saturday for Jamie, the Marine-to-be. His parents threw an amazing party in their backyard with tons of delicious food. Check out the cheese dip:

With all these Murphy boys in town, we headed to the Murphysboro sign to take a group shot. Yes, we had to pull over on the shoulder and cross over the ditch. The result was worth it:
Jamie, Seth, Kie, Gavin, Brandon, Jarrod, Joey, Mr. Hall, Brayden

The after-party was held at Brayden's Mom's bar the Da-Nite. We pretty much took over the place. Woodchuck was on draft for $1. Need I say more?

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