Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joanie's Food Truck

Murphysboro is becoming quite a foodie destination (I said it first!). It has it's very own food truck that has been next to the Murphy Pride Car Wash for a few weeks now. Joanie's Food Truck is a staple at the Murphysboro Apple Festival. She is best knownfor her homemade cinnamon rolls.
On our way to the airport on Friday, Brandon and I stopped at the truck for dinner. We ordered 2 burgers ($5 each) and a cinnamon roll ($3). Joanie was happy to take our picture:
Cinnamon Roll
The burgers came with cheese and sauteed onions. They come on these big fluffy buns that melt in your mouth. The cinnamon roll was made of the same bread with lots of cinamon and an icing that seemed to have a hint of lemon in it. Delish! Time to call Food Network and alert them to this awesomeness!
We also drove by this giant combine:

Farm tools scare me, lol.

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