Saturday, April 23, 2011

Key Club Easter Egg Hunt

Despite the rain, the Murphysboro Key Club Easter Egg Hunt was held this morning at Riverside Park. At 10 minutes before 11am, several dozen children and parents were gathered at the front of the park. Even though it was sprinkling a bit, the costumed characters arrived.
Big Muddy Monster
The Easter bunny was also there. At 11 am, Key Club Advisor, Mr. Hall gave everyone the rules of the hunt.
Then the kids went to line up behind their Easter egg hunt areas. Since Brandon and I were Kiwanis volunteers we got inside of the pens first.
I just need an Easter basket
Isn't the stage gorgeous?! I WILL be coming back to see a concert here this summer. Once the sirens sounded, the children rushed the field:
3-5 yr olds are the cutest!
The hunting took a total of 7 minutes. Which was a good thing because the rain started coming down again. My favorite picture of the day:
Captain Applesauce
 Going to see Water for Elephants later this afternoon!

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