Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Severe Weather

... does not make for a good night's sleep. Yesterday, starting around noon, the radio started mentioning storms that were to come into the area around 9 pm. It was really windy for most of the day and dark clouds loomed in the sky. When I got home from work, Brandon was watching the weather and his mom was already calling us to come over. Although we live in a first floor apartment, we do not have a basement, so she was worried about us. I wasn't too concerned (sorry, I don't get it yet... I'm Virginian). We decided to make a homemade pizza for dinner - so good! About a half hour later, the regular prime-time shows were being interrupted by the local weatherman and there were tornado warnings in Missouri. That's when we finally decided to go over to Knute and Nancy's. A short drive down the road and a pit stop at DQ later we were at their house. Soon after, the tornado sirens sounded and and we headed to the basement to wait it out. It wasn't too scary, lots of lightening and wind that passed quickly. About an hour later we decided to head home. Unfortunately, on our drive back home we could see that the power was out from just past Hardees to Walmart on Rt 13 - right where we live! So we packed up our clothes and headed back to Brandon's parent's house for the night.

The Southern has a good article summarizing the storm. More storms to come...'tis the season!

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