Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pickles and Meatloaf Oh My!

I'm having a relaxing weekend, anybody else?
Last night Brandon and I watched The American. And by watched, I meant I fell asleep to it. I need more talking in my movies!

Saturday started with Zumba at 1pm with Joann Waclawek. This girl rocks. Today class started a little slow, but by the time we did the "Wiggle" I was sweating all over! I also learned about the secret gym schedule...on Monday and Wednesday evenings Body Combat is held from 6-6:30 pm at Gold's in Carbondale. Later in the day we went to borrow a friend's truck because ... we're finally getting a washer and dryer tomorrow!!! Then we stopped by TJ Maxx and the mall but were unsucessful in our search for shoes and sunglasses.

Dinner tonight started with an appetizer of baked pickles. The recipe was from the Healthy Tipping Point blog.
Such a simple receipe and my first time buying Panko bread crumbs. I'm definetly a Panko fan, I love that crunch!
As for the pickles, well they're pickles, of course they were good! I wasn't sure what sauce to serve with them so I made a trio of ketchup, ranch and mayo+ketchup.

Ranch wins! The main entree was also inspired by a blog, BBQ Meatloaf as seen on Peanut Butter Fingers. I didn't take a picture but it looked like meatloaf and Brandon ate it right up.  

What are you up to this weekend? I see laundry in my future!

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