Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sauna Sunday

I went to the gym today for some cardio. The new sauna in the ladies locker room is open for business!
It's teeny, by the way. But, it got me wondering what the health benefits of using a sauna are. From this site, I learned that the heat makes your metabolism and pulse increase. The blood vessels become much more flexible and your extremities benefit from increased circulation. This is a similar effect to vigorous exercise. Sauna use can also aid in stress relief and there is some belief that toxins are released from your sweat.

I think I may try using it sometime. What is the proper etiquette? I know that I should sit on a towel and keep my clothes on, anything else?

Here's what I look like today :)
I just realized that this is pretty much the same pose (and shirt) that I used in my blog photo.

I LOVE Sunday TV. Looking forward to America's Next Great Restaurant, Celebrity Apprentice and The Amazing Race.

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  1. You look beautiful as always! Healthy and happy, too. Love you. xo, Mom.