Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Marion Cultural and Civic Center

Tuesday was an interesting day of work! We had the opportunity to attend a health department hearing at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center.
Me and hundreds of my coworkers went in opposition to this exemption application...

E-001-11     Surgery Center of Southern Illinois, Marion

In accordance with the requirements of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act, Notice is given of receipt of a change of ownership exemption application (E-001-11 Surgery Center of Southern Illinois, 806 North Treas, Marion, Illinois). Cirurgia Centro, LLC is proposing to purchase a 100% interest in Marion Holding, LLC that owns 51 general partner interests and 9.6 limited partnership interest of Marion Surgical Center, Ltd. Upon completion of this purchase Cirurgia Centro, LLC will obtain control of a health care facility’s capital operation or physical plant and capital assets. The cost of the transaction is $1,512,500.

Basically, we do not want to give up our surgery center to the unethical lawyer - Ronald E. Osman. The hearing was definitely in our favor.  All of our MDs spoke and so did some patients. The best part was the beautiful setting:

Only an IDPH staff member and a court reporter were there to record the hearing. The case is scheduled to go before the State Board on June 28. I'll be sure to let you know if we get our way.

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