Monday, April 25, 2011

Weather Radio

Guess who got an emergency weather radio for Easter? I did:

Dang thing went off just a few minutes after I took the picture - "tornado watch warning" came across the screen and a horrible alarm sounded, you have to go to it and press "snooze" and then the weather alert plays.

People are serious about storms out here! My first inclination was to roll my eyes and tell them to get on with their lives but with the recent tornado that ripped through St. Louis, my view has changed a bit. Back in DC we would just ignore weather warnings, but then again the severity of the storms just isn't the same as it is out here - and now I have proof. I mean the last tornado shut down the airport and took away my only way out of here!

The same tornado also ripped through a nice sub-division.
While the houses were demolished, there were no fatalities - amazing. Reports indicate that the families were given a tornado warning and headed to their basements. ... So I guess those alerts DO work. Therefore, my weather radio will happily reside on my living room floor.
Could the antenna be any longer?

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