Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kiwanis Pancake Day

Today was the Murphysboro Kiwanis Club's Annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser. Brandon and I volunteered during the first shift 6-8:30 am. It was an early morning! The event was held in the Middle School cafeteria. Check out everyone in the kitchen making pancakes and french toast:

When our shift was over, Nancy and Knute joined us for breakfast.
It was so good to finally eat! Business really picked up and all our tables were full of people. I hope the club made a lot of money. Afterward, we checked out the Carbondale Farmer's Market. Unfortunately, it was rainy and cold so we didn't stay long. Nancy was looking for a fern but they sold out. The farmer's market is open every Saturday from 8-noon. I want to go back when it's warmer.

Going to a wig party later tonight ...

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